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Meet Johnny

Founder and World Champion Barista, Johnny Dixson is a dynamic individual with a true entrepreneurial spirit and a gift for hospitality. After witnessing the growing popularity of coffee shops on a trip to California, Johnny knew immediately that he wanted to bring the coffee movement to Austin. He was recruited and trained by a world-class Italian manufacturer of espresso equipment where he was a quick study, learning all about coffee, espresso and the artisan skill of being a barista.

World Champion Barista

In 1994, Johnny developed the idea of a bringing the coffee experience on location. He created and built out a self-contained cart with an espresso machine on top. Johnny Beans espresso catering service was born. With his extensive knowledge of coffee, he worked with a local roaster to create an awarding-winning espresso blend. Johnny took this blend, his extraordinary gift of hospitality and his larger than life personality and competed in the 1997 U.S. Barista World Series competition in Portland Oregon. Johnny won the competition beating out competitive baristas from all across the country.

Johnny with Dr Ruth and his Father in 1997 at the U.S. Barista World Series

Bringing the Experience to Austin Events

Johnny has pioneered the niche of espresso catering in Austin. He has traveled through Italy tasting some of the best espresso the country has to offer. Johnny has steadily honed his barista skills over the past 28 years and is committed to educating the public about coffee and teaching the next generation the true art of being a great barista.